Friday, June 6, 2008

Puzzle - 7: Solved

Clue-1: Tail Over
Clue-2: Core Leg
Clue-3: Rebel Curios
Clue-4: Lie More
Clue-5: Totter Into
Clue-6: Vague Cheer
Clue-7: Nine Acre
Clue-8: Adorable Pun

So, what’s the Knocktopus?


bobfactory said...

Clue-1: Tail Over - Voltaire
Clue-2: Core Leg - El Greco
Clue-3: Rebel Curios - Le Corbusier
Clue-4: Lie More - Moliere
Clue-5: Totter Into - Tintoretto
Clue-6: Vague Cheer - Che Guevara (I presume this is Che though there is an extra e vs a)
Clue-7: Nine Acre - Anne Rice
Clue-8: Adorable Pun - Pablo Neruda

List of pseudonyms / pen names...?

Priya said...

Good one, bobfactory. Damn...I was off on a completely different track.

anantha said...

good. 8 kayos to bob.