Friday, June 6, 2008

It's over

Knocktopus is no more.

Puzzle # 8 - Solved

Clue-1: INRI
Clue-2: Lost in Panama Zeppelin
Clue-3: Sunburng
Clue-4: 168198567
Clue-5: Help: 1501513414
Clue-6: Magic*Magic*Magic
Clue-7: Dance Cut
Clue-8: 19214151121

So, what’s the Knocktopus?

Puzzle - 7: Solved

Clue-1: Tail Over
Clue-2: Core Leg
Clue-3: Rebel Curios
Clue-4: Lie More
Clue-5: Totter Into
Clue-6: Vague Cheer
Clue-7: Nine Acre
Clue-8: Adorable Pun

So, what’s the Knocktopus?

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Puzzle # 6 - Unsolved

Clue-1: Sinatra’s number
Clue-2: Full Moon
Clue-3: LOV
Clue-4: Zak - k
Clue-5: Wedlock
Clue-6: Replicate Mutant
Clue-7: U+2191 & U+2193
Clue-8: Good Bar, Eh?

So, what’s the Knocktopus?

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Puzzle # 5 - Solved

Clue-1: Airline & Kingless P
Clue-2: Extra Bike
Clue-3: Retail Company Game
Clue-4: Uncan The Malt
Clue-5: 23131
Clue-6: Royal’s Honey Wine
Clue-7: Audi’s 4th Plural
Clue-8: “ ” Note

So, what’s the Knocktopus?

Bobfactory's on a roll. Bags 8 more kayos.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Puzzle # 4 - Solved

Clue-1: 9
Clue-2: Beheaded Spite
Clue-3: Cricket Graphic
Clue-4: 6-0, 6-0, 5-0 (40-30)
Clue-5: Keatonym
Clue-6: Eyawtkasbwata
Clue-7: Corned Cuttings Annoy
Clue-8: d

So, what’s the Knocktopus?

Bobfactory knocks out the beast in no time. Earns 8 kayos.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Puzzle # 3 - Solved

Clue-1: Lusterless Murdox
Clue-2: Modica’s Crap
Clue-3: +876 - 89
Clue-4: Penn Warren’s
Clue-5: Spike Rungs
Clue-6: Registration Certificate
Clue-7: Cow Sound Selecting
Clue-8: Amazon Gvzn Ivorzmxv

So, what’s the Knocktopus?

Gentlemen, it's been brought to my notice by young Koushik Udayshankar that Clue-3 should read as +876 - 89 instead of +809 - 89. All I can say is, the internet let me down. +809 - 89 would have been valid till the year 1997. Now that itself is a big clue. Sorry for the fuck-up. And a big thank you to Koushik for being hawk-eyed.

PRIYA becomes the first earthling to solve a knocktopus puzzle. Earns 8 kayos for her efforts.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

For those who can't handle knocktopus

Created a game for people who find knocktopus too boring and tough. It's called Cryptickler. See if it teases you.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Unsolved Puzzle # 2

Clue-1: McRicetype
Clue-2: Cinemascope1
Clue-3: Harm Manual Vizor
Clue-4: Mutual Fund
Clue-5: A4 --> 52112114782211264214
Clue-6: Attack 112339 First
Clue-7: 100 Healers’ Fest
Clue-8: LTTE

So, what's the Knocktopus?

Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Last Rule

In case a puzzle is not solved by anyone, the puzzle shall remain a puzzle for centuries to come :-) No solution will be posted by me.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Unsolved Puzzle # 1

Clue-1: NDBMD
Clue-2: Women’s Mag 3
Clue-3: Independence Day
Clue-4: Tamil Actor
Clue-5: Syoga
Clue-6: Prebeta Note
Clue-7: Grom
Clue-8: Star of David + Lotus

So, what's the Knocktopus?

Post your answers in the comments section. Remember, I want answers for all the 8 clues. If you give part answers, you'll be helping someone else.

Sample Puzzle

Clue-1: Line
Clue-2: 2B
Clue-3: Mad Radium
Clue-4: Italian Goddesses
Clue-5: Klingon Proverb
Clue-6: 70s Soul Band
Clue-7: Ten
Clue-8: Game of Death

So, what's the Knocktopus?

For the solution, click on the comments section.