Saturday, May 10, 2008

Sample Puzzle

Clue-1: Line
Clue-2: 2B
Clue-3: Mad Radium
Clue-4: Italian Goddesses
Clue-5: Klingon Proverb
Clue-6: 70s Soul Band
Clue-7: Ten
Clue-8: Game of Death

So, what's the Knocktopus?

For the solution, click on the comments section.


anantha said...


Clue-1: Line = Queue = Q = Nickname of Quentin Tarantino

Clue-2: 2B = BB = B.B. = Name of the daughter of Bill & The Bride in Kill Bill.

Clue-3: Mad Radium = Crazy 88 = The Japanese underworld gang demolished by The Bride.

Clue-4: Italian Goddesses = Diva is the Italian word for goddess = Divas = DVAS = Deadly Viper Assassination Squad = The Assassination Squad run by Bill.

Clue-5: Klingon Proverb = “Revenge is a dish best served cold” the quote that appears in the opening scene of Kill Bill is a straight lift from the Klingon Proverb uttered by Khan in Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan.

Clue-6: 70s Soul Band = The Undisputed Truth is the name of the Truth Serum administered by Bill to the Bride.

Clue-7: Ten = The number of Chapters into which Kill Bill is split.

Clue-8: Game of Death = The Yellow track suit that Uma Thurman sports in Kill Bill is a homage to the yellow track suit worn by Bruce Lee in the film, Game of Death.

The Knocktopus: Kill Bill Series.

Ankur said...

oof! Line and 2B i went on the trip of writing instruments like a 2B pencil. Good one.

raijith said...

its too much for me...